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Questions about the application process

Application deadlines
Application conditions
Initial interview
School fees

How do I apply?

Request the school contract by telephone +41 (0) 44 310 10 67, or e-mail or using the contact form

So that the student and the school can get to know each other, an initial interview is usually conducted first. 

What does applying to Academic Gateway involve?

To ensure that this is the appropriate path for each student, we assess the level of all applicants online. Basic competences required include resilience and perseverance as well as sound linguistic proficiency in German, English and an additional national language (French or Italian), and basic skills in maths.

What is the deadline for applying to the school?

The application deadline is the official school start date. Later applications may also be accepted in individual cases.

I have questions about studying at the school and am interested in an informal discussion. Who should I speak to?

We will be happy to arrange a one-to-one appointment with you. Call us on +41 (0) 44 310 10 67 or contact us via the contact form.

What financing options are available for the school fees?

At Academic Gateway, it is not a problem to pay in monthly instalments. The following payment methods are available for all courses: Advance payment, two instalments or 12 instalments.

Are there any other costs in addition to the school fees?

Yes, the school fees do not include:

1) School materials: CHF 900 

2) Information on the examination fees is provided in the following PDF.

Questions about Academic Gateway services

Class size
Mock exam weeks

How many classes are there at Academic Gateway?

Four full-time classes, one Passerelle class and a further 160 active students. 

How big are the classes?

Smaller classes allow teachers to concentrate more on the individual needs of each student, so we limit our online classes to a maximum of 18 students.

Are the mock exam weeks compulsory?

No. Participation in the mock exam weeks is voluntary. The mock exam weeks involve two complete mock Matura exams including correction, feedback and discussion for ideal exam preparation. 

When are the school holidays?

The holiday plan for the Swiss Online Matura is available here as a PDF.

Questions about the Swiss Online Matura

Career opportunities

What prior academic knowledge is required for the courses?

The final examination is extremely rigorous and requires confident mastery of several languages, scientific and mathematical subjects and other subjects. To ensure that this is the appropriate path for each student, all applicants are required to complete an aptitude test. 

Can I complete the Swiss Matura in one go?

The exam for the Swiss Matura can be taken either as a single exam or as two partial exams. At Academic Gateway, all students will complete the two partial exams. The first partial exam is held after the first semester, and the second partial exam after the second semester in Switzerland. The exams are conducted in Bern, Basel or Zurich by the Swiss Matura Commission. Academic Gateway organises the arrangements for the exam sessions for Swiss Online Matura students (including biannual travel to Switzerland).

What happens if I fail?

Academic Gateway stands for quality, respect and professionalism; the same is expected of all students. If a student attends 95% of lessons and completes 100% of all academic work (e.g. exams, online modules, project work, etc.) and still fails the Matura, he/she may repeat the course in the form of one year’s free e-learning access.

What is the requirement in terms of in-person lessons?

Minimum 95% attendance.

How do I catch up on any subject material that I miss?

Matura students can find all the relevant information in the form of exercises, theory and sample solutions, including all video recordings, in our e-learning content.

Is there an age limit?

Students must reach the age of majority (18 years) in the same year as the second partial exam. Students must also demonstrate motivation and perseverance as well as confident mastery of languages and scientific and mathematical subjects. 

Do my interim grades from public grammar school count?

No. Interim grades from public grammar school are not counted.