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The digital school
Your expert in online lessons

For Academic Gateway, the development of the school and teaching is a continuous task, and therefore it rose to the challenge of approaching the digital transformation professionally already in 2016.

In doing so, the private school specialised in the development of future-oriented didactic teaching methods. The result is a fully integrated, scalable and flexible comprehensive e-learning solution, comprising three components:

·  An integrated solution for live stream lessons

·  The possibility of recording lessons as well as podcasts and teaching videos

·  A user-oriented e-learning system, which includes content such as teaching materials, timetables, lesson slides, sample solutions, collections of exercises, past exams, etc.

The digital-learning offering is extremely user-friendly thanks to its intuitive design; neither students nor teachers require a lot of technical knowledge. With access to professional learning, the system offers all teachers and students innovative and comprehensive support, and accompanies them in their everyday school life. The following principle applies: The pedagogy should shape the technology, and not the other way around. Even online lessons should guarantee the maximum didactic freedom of the teaching staff.

In addition, Academic Gateway is actively engaged in the digital transformation of education, and promotes the development of state-of-the-art teaching methods and virtual classrooms. The particularly efficient school system and the optimal use of synergies enables the forward-looking and didactic-pedagogic further development of Academic Gateway, and means that secondary schools too can be supported in the integration of digital teaching methods.


The alternative to a one-year full-time Matura: the first fully digital grammar school in Switzerland!